An Indoor Halloween Bash

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This past Thursday, Ivy League’s annual Halloween Bash took place. Unfortunately, the weather was very unpleasant on Halloween this year. Due to the wind and rain in the forecast, our PTO had to improvise and bring the bash indoor. 

Our Halloween Bash normally takes place across the entirety of our 16-acre campus. Activities typically include hayrides, pumpkin decorating, trunk-or-treating, games, and a spooky maze inside of the school gymnasium. So with the threat of rain, the PTO altered their plans and spun our traditional activities into an indoor friendly day.

Before arriving at the indoor Halloween Bash, students changed into their costumes and munched on some soft pretzels that the PTO was kind enough to donate. Students then took their annual class picture on bales of hay with fall decor surrounding. After the photo, classes were welcomed indoors, where they were greeted by dressed up PTO parents and given a bag to collect their treats!

The Indoor Halloween Bash!

Inside the gym, there were table games, similar to carnivals. Students had to knock cans off a table, throw bean bags into a game board, and even compete in mini-golf! At the indoor bash, instead of having trunk-or-treat, the PTO improvised and made “table-or-treat”! Different tables were decorated with various themes such as Toy Story, CoCo, and even a Halloween scene! Students were able to collect knickknacks such as bracelets, tattoos, and other fun goodies at each table.

Students even got to decorate pumpkins at the indoor bash! There were tables filled with pumpkins and all different kinds of stickers to make their pumpkins look spooky, scary, or silly. 

To make the event even more exciting for students, the PTO went out of their way to decorate the entire gym! Amongst the festive walls of the gymnasium was a stage lined up with scarecrows. Each scarecrow was crafted by classes from preschool to 8th grade.  Some scarecrows looked like pizza delivery workers, festive Ivy League students, Mr. Potato Head, and even our very own, Ms. Haskins! 

All in all, despite the weather, the indoor Halloween Bash was a total success!!

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