Dolan DNA Learning Center Field Trip

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Ivy League provides children with hands-on learning experiences throughout all subjects. Additionally, we have one fantastic science teacher, Ms. Melissa Stern, who leads our kindergarteners through 8th graders in their science curriculum. Another beautiful thing about our school’s science program is that we take students on various field trips to further their studies in different environments.

This past Thursday, students in the 4th and 5th grades embarked on a field trip to the Dolan DNA Learning Center in Cold Spring Harbor. While there, they learned about how DNA relates to all living things. Students extracted DNA from wheat and were able to take a sample home to show family members; you can imagine what exciting conversations this sparked amongst family and friends! 

Students also learned about Otzi. Otzi is a 5,300-year-old mummy that scientists found a perfectly preserved in ice in the mountains of Italy years and years ago. Students learned how scientists were able to extract DNA from Otzi and learn all about him, including his last meal, which by the way, happened to be wheat. How impressive that DNA was able to show scientists and our students this information from so many years ago?!

Visiting the Dolan DNA Learning Center was an excellent way to kick-off student excitement as they move on to complete science chapters revolving around DNA! When students returned from the trip, they were all buzzing about how much fun they had! Students were running around at lunch and dismissal, showing all other grade levels the wheat DNA that they created. 

The faculty and staff at Ivy League are always so impressed with the excellent students that encompasses Ivy League. These kids are courteous, curious, and are always eager to listen and learn. Their love for learning is hugely apparent, and that is something we are proud to instill at Ivy League.

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