Fun Trip to Brookhaven Lab Transforms Students

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September has flown by here at Ivy League! It feels like we are already halfway into the school year! Our students and teachers are fully immersed in their lessons and learning… but with lessons and learning also comes some fun!

This past Friday, our elementary students went on a field trip to the Brookhaven Lab. At the lab, students transformed into scientists and investigated subjects such as magnets and varying light. Students even took a deeper look at what it takes to be an engineer! Second-grader Mason exclaimed, “this was one of the best trips ever!”, on his way out of the science center.

The magnet workshop is what got students extremely inspired. Students learned that opposite poles do not attract one another, leading the magnets to push away from each other rather than come together. This new idea truly delighted students and made them enthusiastic to continue throughout their day at the lab.

When transforming into engineers, students used blocks to create their very own roller coasters. The roller coasters were then tested with marbles to see if gravity would pull their marble to the end of the track. 

Lastly, students investigated light. This workshop aided students in learning how to block light and utilize primary colored light bulbs to make rainbows with uncommon secondary colors.

Field trips like this one truly encompass what Ivy League is all about: hands-on learning in a unique environment. 

Fun Run Info!

This Friday, Ivy League will be holding their first-ever pep rally to excite students about the Glow Run that will be happening in October! 

Teachers and students will be participating in various games and relays concurrently. It is sure to be a great time; faculty and staff are eager to see students get extremely excited about the upcoming Glow Run held by our PTO! Make sure to sign up soon to ensure that you receive the glow in the dark Ivy League shirt for the run! We look forward to seeing all of our Ivy League families at the run. Help us reach our goal of raising $10,000.

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