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Here at Ivy League, we pride ourselves on the fact that we are more than a school; we are a community. We believe that teachers should teach the whole child, not just the academic portion of the child’s well-being. To better instill this belief into our everyday practices, we enjoy having some fun within our community. 

This past Friday, October 18, 2019, the entire student body, along with the faculty and PTO board, celebrated a huge fundraising success! For the PTO’s first-ever Glow Run, students raised over $14,000!  This money will serve to enhance students’ education here at Ivy League. 

The goal for this fundraiser was $10,000. Since Ivy League’s student body went above and beyond in their fundraising efforts, Principal Colon agreed to participate in a challenge.  Mr. Colon decided to allow the student body to duct-tape him to a wall in the gymnasium.

On Friday afternoon, a stool was placed under Mr. Colon’s feet, and students began duct-taping him! After about an hour of being taped up by students and faculty alike, it was time to take the stool out from under his feet! The anticipation in the gym skyrocketed as the countdown from 10 started, and sure enough, IT WORKED! Ivy League taped their school principal to the wall!

A few hours after this exciting event, the Ivy League PTO Glow Run kicked off! Neon and glow-in-the-dark ribbon filled the campus field. The kids wore their vibrant Glow Run shirts and were ready to run! Finally, the school community had a wonderful time cheering on students and families, wearing glowing jewelry, and painting their faces with glow-in-the-dark colors, all of this occurring while the DJ hyped everyone up.

Our school community thanks our PTO!

This was an incredibly successful night. The PTO is eager to begin planning how to best use the raised money to help make the Ivy League School community an even better one! Everyone at Ivy League is looking forward to the next PTO event, the HALLOWEEN BASH!

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