Ivy League Students Take on The Bronx Zoo

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A week filled with field trips! The kids have been waiting weeks and weeks for this week to finally be here. On Monday, May 20, 2019 the kindergarten through 4thgrade took their final big field trip to the Bronx Zoo! The classes left for their destination around 7:30am. They were all excited to go and even got to watch the movie “Zookeeper” on the bus ride there.

After arrives classes were able to adventure throughout the zoo on their own before their workshops. Many classes explored the African and Asian Plains that housed animals like the tigers, lions, giraffes, bears and more! For the workshops for kindergarten through 2ndgrade, the classrooms were situated in the Congo.

Workshops at the Zoo!

During their workshops, they got to visit the gorillas and the Congo exhibit and “took rounds” like doctors checking in all the animals. They then go to play veterinarian and practice taking care of stuffed zoo animals. They filled out an intake sheet on their animal and what they needed to do for their animal. Students had to describe Did their animal need to be groomed, given medicine, weighed, or bandaged?

The 1stand 2ndgrade loved their workshop classroom so much because they got to look down on the entire Congo exhibit! The classroom was called the “Treetop” classroom. They were so excited when a monkey climbed all the way up to one of the windows in the classroom. During the 3rdand 4thgrade classes’ workshops, they too learned about caring for the animals of the zoo. Part of their workshop actually brought out animals that they got to meet and touch!

After the workshops, the classes explored some more areas of the zoo. Many classes rode the monorail and carousel. The kids’ favorite parts were definitely the monorail and the children’s zoo where they could interact more with animals. All in all, it was a great day for all the classes at The Bronx Zoo! The weather couldn’t have been better

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