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As a school community that houses children attending preschool through the eighth grade, we have the fortunate opportunity to come together to collaborate on academics. When different grade levels in our school community collaborate, these activities are known as “linking activities.”

By coming together as a whole, all different grades can work collectively to accomplish something. These linking activities also give different grade level students and teachers the chance to get to know each other outside of the class.  Therefore, this minimizes the need for “ice breaker” activities come September.

Stellaluna linking Activities

Today, Wednesday, October 30th, the second, third, and fourth-graders will be taking part in their first linking activity of the year. The students will work on an engaging lesson. The lesson will focus on a theme associated with Halloween since Halloween is tomorrow.

First to begin this exciting activity, Ms. Haskins will be reading the book Stellaluna. Stellaluna is about a bat who loses her mother one night. Therefore, Stellaluna ends up not learning what it to truly means to be a bat since she is raised by birds early on in her life. At the end of the story, she finds her mother, and they reconnect! Stellaluna’s mother teaches her everything that she needs to know about being a bat, and they live happily ever after.

After listening to the read aloud, students will create a web of the story. However, to further excite students, the story web will be in the shape of a bat! Meanwhile throughout, the activity students will write about elements of characterization, setting, conflict, and of course, their favorite part of Stellaluna. 

After working together on their story webs, students will color and attach a string to them. After their projects are complete, they will be able to bring their story webs home and hang them up! 

At the conclusion, Ms. Haskins, Ms. Capobianco, and Ms. Schlactmann will prompt students to think about the underlying message in Stellaluna. The overall theme of Stellaluna is everyone should be accepted for who they are. Therefore, the closing discussion students will all see it is okay to be different! 

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