Teaching about Apples Not to Tests

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Ivy League is proud of all that is offered at our school. Because we do not need to be teaching to standardized tests, we are able to explore materials and ideas that go much deeper than textbook level.

Teachers at Ivy League can create unique lessons that center around current ideas, themes, or holidays without worrying about losing a day where they could be “teaching to a test”. Ivy League believes that both students and teachers alike are much more than a standardized score

This past week, Mrs. Mullane’s 1st-grade class and Ms. Haskins’ 2nd-grade class had an “Apple Study” day.  Both the students and teachers worked together to determine the characteristics and adjectives of various apples. Colors, shape, and taste were just a few of the exciting traits that students debated.

After students made a list with their teachers of different characteristics, they then completed a taste test of 3 different types of apples. This engaging and interactive lesson prompted students to put their taste buds and prior knowledge to the test! Students worked hard to describe various apples on the coinciding data sheet that was provided to them

The classes worked together to generate a bar graph depicting students’ favorite types of apples: red, green, and yellow were all put to the test! Students moved on to learn about various products that are made with apples; Apple Juice, Apple Jacks, and Applesauce were just a few of the tasty treats that students munched on! Apple Jacks were easily the favorite out of all the tastings.

Until Friday…

Friday, students from both classes came together once again to make Apple Pies! Students followed directions and cues to create these tasty treats. While the pies were baking in the oven, students created a “flip book” which wrapped up all of the main ideas and information that they learned during their time spent studying apples. 

The 1st and 2nd-grade classes are now eagerly looking forward to their next taste testing and food study. They have a feeling it will have something to do with pumpkins!

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